[ACCIDENT] 1964 Corvette Drag Car Crashes and Rolls at 158 MPH


[ACCIDENT] 1964 Corvette Drag Car Crashes and Rolls at 158 MPH

Photo Credit: KeenParts / Twitter

Check out this amazing video Sunday afternoon of a drag racing crash at the Gulfport Dragway in Gulfport, Mississippi!

The race involving this red 1964 Corvette convertible appears to be going normally until near the end when the front of the car, while going 158 miles per hour, suddenly lifts off the ground.

The C2 then starts tilting to the left before completely going airborne. Go frame by frame on the video, and you’ll see the car go parallel to the ground at one point before twisting again to a straight-up position and then pounding nose-first into the asphalt and exploding into a huge ball of flames.

Amazingly, the driver, Capt. Shannon Poole, walked away from the burning wreckage before being carried to a hospital where he remained Sunday night with multiple – but non-life-threatening – injuries, according to his brother, Jason Poole, who says the car flew more than 400 feet and flipped more than 20 times!

A social media post by Cara Williams Poole summed up the family’s thoughts about the crash: “Thankful is an understatement. God definitely had his hand on Shannon today. He is pretty bruised and beat up but suffered only minor injuries. He is staying in the hospital overnight for observation and is currently resting. Thank you all so much for the calls, messages, prayers, and concerns. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but please know we appreciate each and every one of you.”

Still photos from the scene posted by WLOX-TV show the remnants of the Corvette, with all the front body panels gone but the engine still in place. Surprisingly, the heat didn’t melt the doors or rear body panels, and from the pictures, you’d never really know there was a fire.


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  1. No Wheelie Bars, which surprised me… Although that may not have stopped him from going over…lack of a front air-dam didn’t help either, especially at those speeds… Aerodynamics and gravity was not in his favor. Hang in there driver!!!

  2. Why the hell are these high-powered cars allowed to race WITHOUT wheelie bars?!?!?

    Also, mid-year Corvettes allow way too much air to flow under the car. The front end has to be down low and there needs to be a sufficient front air dam. At high speeds all a mid-year Vette has to do is just allow a little bit of air to go under the car and it’s flip-over time.

    Take note of how upon launch the car was doing the classic C2/C3 rear-end squat. The car had a decent full roll cage and it looks like the car had a full tube chassis, but the rear suspension was a bad design. True, the rear squat and front lift creates a lot of weight transfer, but with the front wagging up high at speed, this car was destined to crash.

    If your car is fast enough to require a parachute, wheelie bars should be mandatory. SHAME on IHRA for allowing this! Smarten up, car owners. IHRA is NOT looking out for your safety! What’a shame.

  3. Why would someone butcher a C2 into a drag car!!?? Best wishes for a speedy recovery, but instant karma.

  4. hey matt Fuck you. If i find you it will be instant karma for you. Car was bought as a butchered C2 20 years ago.

  5. C2’s even in stock form are noted for front end lift as the (beautiful) nose design acts as a large airfoil. Without a front air dam and wheelie bars it was an accident waiting to happen.

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