[VIDEO] Helicopter Crashes After Racing a Corvette ZR1 on Top Gear Korea


[VIDEO] Helicopter Crashes After Racing a Corvette ZR1 on Top Gear Korea

We first showed you last year the violent crash of a helicopter that was racing a Corvette ZR1 as part of a stunt for Top Gear Korea, the South Korean version of the popular British show.

Well, last weekend the BBC released more footage of the stunt that featured the show’s Kim Jin Pyo trying to outrun a retired U.S. military Bell AH-1 Cobra copter.

As the Corvette roars down the runway, apparently outrunning the helicopter, we hear shouts of joy from Pyo (or what we think are joyous exclamations since we don’t speak Korean) until the finish line, when the copter suddenly veers off to the right and then plummets hard into the ground.

From inside the ZR1, we see Pyo’s face turn serious as he whispers his concern, and he hops out of the car to check on the occupants of the helicopter as sirens wail in the background.

Miraculously, both pilots survived, with one even reaching to turn off the chopper’s motor.

Coolidge Police Chief Joe Brugman said the pilots were strapped in tight with harnesses and helmets, and he credited the rigid air frame with doing a good job of protecting the occupants.

Both pilots, from the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, were treated by paramedics at the scene and were able to walk away from the accident.

While we take it for granted that everyone will be OK when we see stunts like this on TV shows, this footage reminds us just how dangerous they can actually be.


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