[ACCIDENT] Teacher Arrested for Racing Corvette Drunk and Without Pants


[ACCIDENT] Teacher Arrested for Racing Corvette Drunk and Without Pants

We’ve heard of getting comfortable behind the wheel of your car, but a Texas man may have carried things a little too far this week.

Police in Wichita Falls, Texas arrested the driver of a 1999 Corvette late Tuesday after he crashed his car while allegedly racing on Southwest Parkway just before midnight.

Nothing particularly newsworthy about that, but what suddenly makes the story more interesting is that the driver, Stephen Stradley, wasn’t wearing any pants at the time of the crash.

Police say he was only wearing a T-shirt, underwear, socks, and shoes when he crashed into a 2008 Dodge Caliber, adding that the Corvette driver’s speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. The driver of the Dodge was carried to the hospital for minor back injuries.

Stradley was subsequently arrested about 6 a.m. after failing a field sobriety test and being taken to a hospital where a warrant for a blood drive was served.

Seven police cars and three fire vehicles answered the call.

No word on the charges Stradley is facing, but police say he has two prior DWI convictions, one in 1996 in Amarillo and one in 2003 in Wichita Falls.


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  1. I guess there’s a lot of assholes out there who think this POS scumbag cocksucker should be allowed to live!!!

  2. It appears Stephen was trying his best to optimize unsprung weight reduction in his Corvette to improve the performance of his vehicle. He also has no need for a cool suit to reduce heat fatigue. Quite the innovator. Stephen might be the next Jim Hall, Roger Penske or Bruce McLaren !!!

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