[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s C8.R Revs Mystery Engine During Reveal


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's C8.R Revs Mystery Engine During Reveal

The Corvette C8.R nearly stole the show during the official reveal of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible. If anything, those in attendance will recall just how wickedly loud this new racer is.

A little bit later in the evening, Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner started up the C8.R and revved its mystery engine. We laughed as the end as he was asked “what it redlined at” and he replied “I can’t tell you.”

Tommy Milner and the C8.R

There is a press backgrounder next Thursday at Petit Le Mans and details of the new C8.R will be made known then. Speculation has ranged from turbocharged to a flat-crank V8. Judge for yourselves what’s making that exhaust note sing and then stay tuned for next week!

We do know the two Corvette C8.Rs will officially make their racing debuts at the Rolex 24 at Daytona in January, so we’ll be looking for them at the Roar Before the 24 as well as any other testing sessions leading up to their first 24-hour test.

Watch as the mighty sound of the new C8.R’s mystery engine knocked us back on our heals. Hopefully, it will be as fast as it is loud!

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  1. Not the sound of a Corvette V-8 I use to love, that deep base bellowing roar you heard coming out of a turn,
    and down a long straight away.

  2. Great color scheme. This is definately a flat plane, likely with a turbo to boot, given the night test video we have all seen. Are we sure GM just didn’t put a Hyabusa or older Chevy-Ilmor V8C IndyCar plant in it for the lulz? Maybe this is a racing variant of that Cadillac Blackwing V8? If so, put it in the DPi-VR, and bring back the throaty cross plane V8 that not only we all love, but is the core of the Corvette’s DNA!!


    If a high revving turbo plant is the path to redemption on the track, so be it!


  3. Wow, does sound different. I will wait to pass judgement after seeing and hearing it screaming down the straightaway. Sounds like a red line of 10 grand or so. I liked the deeper sound too, but if this is the natural progression of the GM race motor then so be it. Hopefully it kicks the crap out of the Ford GT.

  4. Brian L. a high revving turbo plant is only the path to redemption on the track …. If IMSA gets rid of
    the ridiculous BoP nonsense. Other wise, IMSA will geld the C8R as soon as it starts winning to many
    races…and give into the whining from the other manufactures and their fans. Real racing is when you
    don’t penalize the faster cars team.. you tell the slower car teams…to step up their game.

  5. Not long ago, at an SCCA Club event, Chuck Norris accidently poured his dip bottle into the gas tank of a B-Spec class Pontiac Fiero…

    This car later become known as the Corvette C8.R

  6. Jeff Butler, RIGHT EFFN ON ! Logic would have us believe that its time for the also rans to catch up, not hobble the real race cars, just like in society, not every CHILD gets picked to play, some gotta ride pine, no trophies for just participating . I hope the C8R kicks ass and takes names (pretty sure it will) but that deep throaty rumble will be missed along with the signature yellow paint,,,,,,,,,, oh well, PROGRESS !

  7. One is silver/grey and yellow #4 and the second car the #3 is supposed to be velocity yellow. Progression dictates changes. As long as they are moving down the path of winning they can showcase whatever they want in the car engine wise.

  8. no matter what the engine is it will be adjusted so all the cars in the class re as close to equal as possible.

  9. What I don’t understand is that if ABCD Motors 6.0 Litre engine and chassis is not as fast or handle as good as the 6.0 Litre setup from WXYZ Motors why should WXYZ Motors be penalized with having to carry extra weight . Maybe I don’t understand , or KNOW the rules or class structure and if that is the case can some kind soul here PLEASE put me on the right track.

  10. I’m sure its not a Rotary. I remember hearing those rotary powered Mazda race cars a few years back
    running without mufflers…it was a horrid screech, a super loud BLAAAAAA ! Not a pleasant sound at all

  11. Look up on racer.com. Details released earlier today at Road Atlanta. It is a 5.5L NA flat-plane! Who knew?

  12. The current C7.R has an advantage at certain tracks due to its engine’s low-end grunt (high-torque). Will be interesting to see how the C8.R’s new engine will compare… I predict it will be highly competitive as long as IMSA doesn’t kill it out of the box with its BoP rules.

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