[PICS] Corvette Forum Renders the C8 Corvette ZORA/ZR1


[PICS] Corvette Forum Renders the C8 Corvette ZORA/ZR1

Photo Credit: Corvette Forum

The Corvette Team jokes often about the attention span of Corvette enthusiasts who when introduced to a new model immediately want to know what’s next.

With the C8 Corvette reveal now less than a month away, our friends at the Corvette Forum are doing just that with a set of new mid-engine Corvette renders that explore the “premium performance model” that may be called the ZORA or ZR1.

We admit that after all the pics and videos of the C8 mules and renders that have fueled our thirst for the mid-engines over the last few months, it is fun to dream about what the Corvette designers will have in store for the higher performance models.

Assuming they follow the previous recipes for success, we’ll most likely see a version of the base model that is wider and features additional aerodynamic properties while additional vents and larger scoops may be employed.

It’s been rumored that the highest performing Corvette will have upwards of 1,000 hp or more and there is a possibility of a hybrid version where electric motors mounted to the front wheels to create an AWD monster.

[PICS] Corvette Forum Renders the C8 Corvette ZORA/ZR1

Photo Credit: Corvette Forum

These renders from the Corvette Forum are well done in our opinion, and the only features we are questioning are the choice of rear wing and the single center exhaust port. In the end, these renders, like those from FVS and Chazcron, are just an artist’s take on what the future might hold for the Corvette brand.

The accompanying article at Corvette Forum talks about the renders in much detail so make sure you head over the check out the full article.

Corvette Forum

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  1. Oh..another version of “Camaro Tail Lights on the C8. The rest of the car looks good.

  2. Such a beautiful car. I can not wait until 07-18-19. I’m holding off for the ZR1 this time around.

  3. While I like the general shape of the C8, this version is more “Transformer” than Corvette, if it’s a track car fine but as a street car…the front and rear are over the top.

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