[PICS] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendered in Yellow


[PICS] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendered in Yellow

One of the color surprises for the C8 Corvette is that Chevy is ready to swap out Corvette Racing Yellow first introduced in 2016 for a new shade called “Accelerate Yellow”. We know how important Yellow is to the Corvette Design team as it’s now a given that the highest profile yellow Corvettes will be the new C8.Rs that will most likely see their first track action next January at the Rolex 24 at Daytona just as the first C8 street cars begin shipping.

While we don’t yet have anything new to share on the new Yellow exterior, we do have a couple new renderings of C8 Corvettes in Yellow that can help us visualize the color on the Mid-Engine body.

The first rendering we want to share is by ZoraC2 who previously rendered the C8 in a flat red that was very well received. He’s back with a new one in Yellow and he chose that color to show off the contrast between the yellow exterior and the aerodynamics which he rendered in Black.

ZoraC2 explains his design at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com:

Here is my latest rendering from the side. I decided to show the beautiful contrast between Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat and Carbon Flash (Splitter, Rocker & Spoiler). I also wanted to work out what I feel the side vent may ultimately look like where it hooks back and tapers off into the back half of the trapezoid that forms the lower waist line. I feel there are two good ways to finish off that shape, either along the flat and intersect or cross through and over it. I believe it will be the latter. Time will tell! Questions, comments LMK!

C8 Corvette Rendered by ZoraC2

The next Yellow rendering of the C8 comes from AutoWeek which shows the design in their article that is titled: C8 Corvette: Pulling Back the Camo. There is not really any “news” made with this render, but we are starting to think that the C8 may require some effective body contrasts as ZoraC2 did in the above render to break up design.

Here is what AutoWeek says about the C8:

Another surprising feature we noted in the camouflaged profile view of the car is the amount of vertical surface that will inevitably look too bulbous unless offset with two-tone paint. In effect, the C8 likely will need black side sills, front lip spoiler and diffuser to look visually lighter, instead of being painted in a single color. Try to imagine the C8 in white instead of yellow — it may not look particularly slender in that color. This is why we expect the C8 to be far more color-sensitive than the current-generation model.

The render from AutoWeek shows a mostly yellow exterior with a lower bottom of the car finished in black while a splash of silver adds additional color to the area behind the side intake scoops. It sort of reminds of Corvette Racing’s C7.R livery but it doesn’t really work for us in this application.

C8 Corvette Rendered by AutoWeek

Photo Credit: AutoWeek

Yes, I know more renders…we only have 51 days to go until the reveal of the C8 Corvette on 07.18.19 in Orange County, CA., so hang in there! Let us know what you think of these new renderings by leaving a comment for others below.

MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and AutoWeek

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  1. It looks very generic too. Like it came straight out of the manual of how to design mid-engine cars. But then again, none of us know for sure what it really looks like. I just pray this isn’t it!!

  2. These cars are ugly. They’re too short in the front and too long in the back. Neither one of these cars look anything like a Corvette should look. There’s no way I would trade my great looking C7 for a C8 if it’s going to look anything like this! There are much better looking mid-engine sports cars out there compared to this.

  3. I know what you mean. I have never been a fan of the short hood, long tail “cab Forward” look. A mid-engine car has to have the right proportions to look right. The latest Ford GT knock it out of the park on its body design, but after Corvette enthusiasts have waited all these years for a Mid-Engine Corvette, it should have been just drop dead gorgeous, having the same effect as the 1963 Sting Ray. What I have seen of the C8 so far, it looks very bland, and like a half dozen other mid-engine cars.

  4. Yes, Jeff, agreed!! I think the current version of the Ford GT is one of the best looking cars on the planet. It blew me away when I first saw it. And this version I’m seeing so far of the C8 sure doesn’t do that for me. And I really expected something equally as exciting as the Ford GT from Chevrolet. I mean they should have the best stylists they have working on this design.

  5. The Ferrari 488 Pista and the upcoming 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo are two other examples of mid-engine sports car design done right in my opinion. I’ve been obsessed with Corvettes since I was a young boy and I’ve owned eight Corvettes, but I’m afraid I’m just not feeling the C8 at all so far. I just hope that a really wicked C8 is hiding under all that camo that we’ve been seeing over and over.

  6. Agreed, Robert Dunman. The 458 (too) looks far better than this “Vette”. If the trade-off is price for appearance, they nailed it. LOL

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