[VIDEO] WTF Moment as a Corvette Z06 is Vandalized by a Man with a Machete


[VIDEO] WTF Moment as a Corvette Z06 is Vandalized by a Man with a Machete

This surveillance video is tough to watch.

The footage shows a Corvette Z06 Coupe parked on a side street in what is said to be West Palm Beach, FL. A car drives by then turns around and stops next to the Z06. A man is seen getting out the driver’s side door of the car and walking over to the front of the Z06. He’s holding what looks to be a machete and appears to strike the car three times before turning and running back to his car and driving off.

With the angle of the parked Z06 to the camera, it’s hard to see exactly what part of the car was being struck, but we believe the front Michelin tire and or the front quarter panel (Z06 logo?) were probably the targets.

The video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday by a user named Flawless ToO who asked for any help in identifying the car or license plate:

West Palm Beach Vandalized corvette near city place. Please help identify car or license plate if able. Thank you

If you see something, say something! Which I guess means commenting on his video on YouTube because he never gave out his contact info. In the meantime, the owner might want to make alternative parking arrangements.


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  1. I would find it very disturbing if there was anyone on this planet who thinks that POS should be allowed to live!

  2. Way too many crazy people on the streets these days. Sometimes when I go out in public, I think I am watching a Zombie movie.

  3. I would have no problem putting a few holes in this mother fu**er if he tried this on my car

  4. People like this are usually from the trashy part of town and hate anyone who has nice things. A loser at large.

  5. This is why I hate people, hopefully they catch this POS. I just hope that I never catch anyone screwing with my C6. I will be in jail. No I couldn’t bare to watch the vid. Already pisses me off. FL seems to be quite the shit hole.

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