[VIDEO] Parents Want Answers After a Teen Driving a C7 Corvette Hits and Injures Two Students


[VIDEO] Parents Want Answers After a Teen Driving a C7 Corvette Hits and Injures Two Students

Photo Credit: Erika Cabral

A Texas student hit by a speeding Corvette this week still hopes to pick up his diploma with his classmates at graduation this Friday, despite being in the intensive care unit with a broken leg and several scrapes on his body.

Giovanni Landeros’ family is upset that the El Paso Police Department is not making an arrest in the case. They say he and another Pebble Hills High School student were injured by the Corvette, caught on home surveillance video speeding down the street on Charles Foster Avenue and John Hayes Street in East El Paso at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

“If you look at the footage you can see the Corvette barreling down the road and all the other cars look like they are at a standstill that’s how this kid was going,” says Landeros’ uncle, Sean Dixon.

Giovanni’s family believes another Pebble Hill student was driving the Corvette and they want his parents held responsible for the incident.

“First and foremost, the parents should be to blame because they got their kid a weapon,” Dixon says. “You get an 18-year-old a Corvette that he can’t control … someone needs to be held accountable.”

Police are telling local media a traffic report was filed but the crash was not handled as a crime and the department’s Special Traffic Investigators were not called to the scene.


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  1. It appears that the Corvette was not stolen, however the driver was perhaps going too fast for the surrounding area and other autos on the road.
    The injured ones family calling the Corvette a weapon is pure BS, so now we will be wanting to ban / outlaw cars like the gun ban?
    Yes the driver should be held accountable for his actions as would be any other traffic violator!!!

  2. Hmmm…perhaps another rich kid gets off and parents are not held accountable? It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

  3. Typical teenage boy behavior, when he gets behind the wheel of a High Performance vehicle
    All Balls…and NO Brains..

  4. Justice will be served by Giovanni’s family filing a civil lawsuit. There will definitely be a transfer of equity to whose family will be able to afford ownership of America’s Sports Car in the future. The end result will
    make a great graduation present for Giovanni and also probably cover his college tuition.

  5. I’m certainly not condoning this teenager’s reckless driving but he could have done this with a Toyota Prius or any other car for that matter. While no one denies a Corvette of almost any vintage is a powerful and hence fast car it’s the driver at fault!

  6. @GaryM Exactly this! The model of car is not to blame. A wild and reckless teenage boy is going to be wild and reckless behind the wheel of any vehicle he operates. When I was in high school I drove a Mercury Grand Marquis in ways that would put most NASCAR drivers to task. Trying to vilify the model of car is akin to saying that it’s bad to be shot with an AK-47, but a Remington 700 is ok.

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