[ACCIDENT] 2005 Corvette Goes Airborne and Loses Engine in Kentucky Crash


[ACCIDENT] 2005 Corvette Goes Airborne and Loses Engine in Kentucky Crash

Not much remains to let ordinary folks know what kind of car this was before a spectacular crash Wednesday in Calloway County, Kentucky.

Even the engine was dislodged from the vehicle and wound up in a creek bank 477 feet from where the 2005 Corvette initially left the road.

Authorities say speeding of more than 120 mph and alcohol played a role in the crash.

The driver, Jake E. Wrye, and his passenger, Austin S. Brittain, both of Murray, were alert but trapped inside the Corvette when rescue workers reached them. They used non-mechanical means to extricate them from the car, and both driver and passenger were treated at an ER, with Brittain later moved to Vanderbilt Medical Center by AirEvac for more treatment.

Lawmen believe the speeding Corvette soared into the air and hit the ground, causing the driver to lose control and then strike several trees and two ditches. In the process, the engine broke free, and the body was basically demolished.

The single-vehicle rollover crash occurred in the 500 block of Douglas Road, where rescuers from the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office, Murray Calloway County EMS, and Calloway County Fire Rescue responded.


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