[ACCIDENT] Corvette Stingray Driver Takes A Wrong Turn and Ends up in Texas Ditch


[ACCIDENT] Corvette Stingray Driver Takes A Wrong Turn and Ends up in Texas Ditch

Photo Credit: kwtx.com

A rule of thumb when driving a sports car is to not go down a road that’s covered in water. How many times have we seen a Corvette stranded in high water? Yes, it’s named for a speedy boat but that doesn’t make it float.

The driver of this Arctic White Corvette Stingray got caught in such a situation after heavy rains passed over Woodway, Texas on Wednesday afternoon.

That storm led to streams and ditches filling quickly and in some cases, the roads were also covered with high water.

According to KWTX, the driver of the Corvette exited off of US Highway 84 access road onto Londonderry Drive in Woodway, which was covered with high water. The driver ended up steering the Stingray off the road and into a ditch. Assistant police Chief Larry Adams of the Woodway Department of Public Safety said it’s not the first time that’s happened.

The photo shows the Corvette stranded in water up to the top of its wheels. A woman has removed the Stingray’s Targa top from the inside and is holding it while standing on the seats of the car.

We assume she was rescued and the report says the driver was not injured.


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  1. Looks like the factory water testing paid off, even though half underwater the lights are still functioning!

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