[POLL] Will You Buy a C8 Corvette Without First Taking a Test Drive?


[POLL] Will You Buy a C8 Corvette Without First Taking a Test Drive?

Photo Credit: Chazcron

It’s the age-old question for early-adopters that want to the first to have the latest hot product. Do you try before you buy, or do you whip out the credit card and hope for the best?

In this case, that new product is the 2020 Corvette with the engine situated behind the driver that will come at an expected cost of $65,000 or higher. The one thing you can make bank on is that there will be a ton of hype for the car leading up to the beginning of the order process.

With previous new-generation rollouts of Corvettes, enthusiasts could always fall back on their experiences with other front-engine Corvettes. We wonder if that will also be the case for the C8 mid-engine Corvette.

Following the C8 Corvette reveal on 07.18.19, we do think that there will be many opportunities for potential buyers to see the car live at shows like the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Show, Corvettes at Carlisle, Mid America’s Funfest and others. Depending on the nature of the show, it may even be possible to get hands-on with the car and maybe even the opportunity to sit it one.

But given the nature of the new technologies and how radically different the car will be than previous generations, sitting in the car and having the ability to experience a test drive are two different things.

So let’s ask the question to those who own Corvettes:

Will you purchase a C8 Mid-Engine Corvette without taking a test drive first?

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If you have any thoughts on the subject, or had the negative experience of purchasing a car without a test drive first, we’d love to hear from you! You can leave your comments below.

Photo by Chazcron

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  1. I’ve owned seven Corvettes, beginning with a 1977 coupe and had test driven all but the last two before I bought. I bought a 2012 Grand Sport, sight unseen, it was on a carrier on it’s way to the dealer from Bowling Green. I ordered my current C7, a Lime Rock Green 2014 convertible, without a test drive too, same dealer. I did, however, see the C7, in Lime Rock Green, at Corvettes At Carlisle before I placed the order. I’m not sorry!

  2. GM is so secretive about the C8, and still having road tests being done. Must still have problems with the car. I normally put my order in without a test drive but on this one I will wait to see if I like it. Mid engine and specs are important to me. I’ve the looks of the C7. May even pass on purchasing the C8 this time.

  3. I have a ‘19 corvette grand sport which I love. My daily driver was a leased Audi sq5 and then I turned it in and ordered a Audi S4, without test-driving it. 360 hp, vs 355 in the sq5, what could be wrong? Unfortunately, The sound…the turbo v6 drones constantly, whereas the sq5’s supercharged engine was relatively quiet unless u stepped on it and the instant torque and growl was great…
    I’ll deal with it and keep it for the 3 year lease but I think choosing without driving isn’t a great idea, even with a ‘Vette. early adopters of this new one better have a dealer close by… there will be teething issues…I’ll test drive a 2022 and hopefully get a 2023 when the kinks are out.

  4. I’ve owned 8 new Corvettes,but want to see how loud/invasive the engine noise is so close to my ears. I’ve been in other mid/rear engine cars and found the noise unacceptable. Also,the various renders and test mules I’ve seen don’t excite me from a styling perspective. Then there’s price. If it’s more than 5 grand more than a base Grand Sport, probably a deal killer. I’ll stick with my 2016 Z51.

  5. I have brought many new cars without a test drive, I would say 50% I test drove it, I ordered a new C 7 the dealership uncovered it and cleaned it up while we did the paper work.

  6. Yes. But not before getting a price.

    The C8 is going to cost a lot more than the ‘Pie in the Sky’ numbers thrown around here and on other sites. I will be gleefully shocked if it is under $100k. That would be an engineering and manufacturing miracle.

  7. I haven’t seen a new Corvette for sale. What i see under camo is a shameless copy of every other mid-engine car currently in production. But it has all the styling of a door stop, with jagged edges. I’ve ridden in a 2005 Ford GT (Mid-engine), a Fiat X 1/9 (mid-engine) and i’ve never seen a practical sportscar in mid-engine cars that can both run errands and still perform well. I don’t get it, Chevy has had Porsche to study since the Corvette was created. But Chevy still can’t figure out that the 911 sells because it is not only able to be superlative in the sports car ranks, you can still put a Wal-Mart grocery stops worth of bags in the 911 back seat and front trunk. The Boxster didn’t take over because you can’t do that. The Corvette would be a world beater today if Duntov had developed 4 wheel steering back then instead of whine about a mid-engine Corvette. The Japanese then beat Chevy to the punch on 4 wheel steering and the fact they don’t fantasize that a mid-engine car will be a primo sportscar sales-wise in the US. We ‘Muricans love our stuff, but the stuff stays home in the mid-engined go-karts.

  8. I would purchase a C8 ME without test driving it first if and only if I was assured to get the first one (#1). off the assembly line; and I know that is not going to happen. So I would take my time in 2020 to make sure I order option that I want. If I can’t have the first one then Ms. Mary Barra or the National Corvette Museum should get it.

  9. My first corvette a 1963 split window coupe (new). Those were different times then, and I did get to
    Drive it, a fuel injected 4 speed, 4:56 rear. Rode like a buck board, I was 26 and Loved it!
    I don’t think there will be an abundance of available cars not ordered, it may take second production
    Year to find one sitting at dealers..

  10. A test drive is a truly great way to know if you want to buy the car. I was interested in a Lotus Elise drove it was the most uncomfortable car to get in and out of was too small for me didn’t buy it.

  11. I ordered my C7 in the fall of 2014 without taking a test drive because that was not possible. I had great confidence in Corvette based on my very exciting ‘69 Stingray. One plus of being early is the amazing reactions I got about the car from so many people. Having said that, I have serious reservations about the mid-engine C8 which does not seem to be a Corvette.

  12. No vehicle can match the current C7 where it counts: Price, Performance, Utility. And Corvette sells more than Porsche, Ferrari and Acura put together. I don’t think Chevy is too concerned about selling the C8. The empty-headed naysayers just like hearing themselves talk.

  13. Undecided on C8 buying if not test driving first. Will wait for reviews and maybe buy. Never owned a Vette but my best friend lets me drive his ‘63, and ‘15. Bought first year NSX without test drive and was best driving car I’ve owned. Sound of mid-engine in that car is awesome. So I would most likely buy C8 without test drive (as most dealers won’t allow it). Will probably wait a couple years for reasonable price and for “bugs “ to be worked out.

  14. started with a new 62 vette and have owned diff versions of it thru the years-now have a 2015 zo6 and will
    buy the c8 conv – during all those years I have also owned the Boxster’ porsche 911

    have owned all the cars mentioned above including r8s but always had a corvette since 1962-best for me is mid engine cars for the ride- best practicle for price and luggage is corvette-have order in with criswell for c-8
    so excited

  15. I am going to wait to see what Motor Trend says when they get their hands on it for a test drive. When they got their hands on the first C7 Z06 they discovered the cooling issues with version 1, which is a real problem, and has GM in litigation over the issue. There is always bugs in initial versions; that is why I waited until the 2018 to buy my C7.

  16. Why would Chevrolet give up a winner like the C-7 for a gamble on a euro style race car?, as an owner of a 18 Grand Sport I might be slightly predigest but I think all C-7’s are awesome cars in all ways, it’s like giving up a known for a unknown and no I don’t even want to test drive a C-8, this is just more of GM’s brilliance, next will be an all electric Corvette!

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