The Reveal of the C8 Corvette Will Happen in Orange County, California


The Reveal of the C8 Corvette Will Happen in Orange County, California

We knew that Chevy would be sending out invitations to the reveal of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette sometime around the 1st of May and it appears that the first invitations have just been sent!

Our friends at the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum are showing a copy of an invite that was sent to an unidentified person. Of course, the first thing I did when hearing that the invitations have been sent was to check my email, but so far nothing yet…

The Reveal of the C8 Corvette Will Happen in Orange County, California

Why Orange County? It may be because Southern California is the home to a high number of exotic and mid-engine sports car buyers. While I also like to say, “But South Florida has them too”, I don’t think anyone wants to be in South Florida in the middle of July. (What humidity?)

I’ve now checked my email two more times and will be refreshing it all night long. If we hear of any more details, we’ll let you know. And if you received an invite, let us know!!

I have been invited to the reveal of the C8 Corvette! Very excited and hope to share some great content for those that can’t attend. The good news is that we know that the reveal will be streamed live on the web so it’s like we’ll be there together even if you’re not in the O.C.!

Our Friend Jeremy Welborn notes that the event starts at 8:00 p.m. PST according to the countdown clock. Still waiting for additional details that will come later.


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  1. Im not far from Kerbeck in Atlantic City NJ.So once the hoopla is over Ill shoot on down & Check 1 out.I was at a Turnersville NJ dealership for the unveiling of the 97.It was a MADHOUSE !

  2. I wonder how many takers for deposit of the C8. Like me will not pay for something that is so vague on options, delivery etc.
    2021 I will order one.

  3. California LOL where most of the people that will go to see it or already own a Vette probably own several foreign brand car’s where as we drive G M cars. People are just getting totally an turned off to Generous Motors!

  4. Orange County is foreign brand city. Nobody drives, or even cares about the Corvette there. Another bad move by GM & Chevrolet!

  5. I own a fully loaded C7 Z06 convertible with the Z07 Performance package.
    Recently I spent a month in OC and rarely saw any Corvettes.
    Porsche’s and other exotic cars were everywhere. Southern California is not Corvette country.
    I have my deposit for a reserve spot in place for a fully loaded convertible as soon as I can get one.

  6. Maybe Orange County Choppers would attract more authentic Corvette buyers than the phony left coast.
    I’m old and totally happy with my 2014 Laguna Blue Stingray !

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