[VIDEO] New Silver Wheels Spotted in Latest C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Sightings


[VIDEO] New Silver Wheels Spotted in Latest C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Sightings

Back in March when the C8’s RPOs were leaked via a Canadian Chevy dealership, we learned that there were going to be at least six different wheel options available. The leaked order screen shows four factory wheels and two LPO (dealer installed) accessory wheels.

Up until this point, we believe that four of the wheel options have been accounted for: the Carbon Flash 5-spoke wheel, the Machined Face w/Sterling Silver 5-spoke Wheel, the Black Trident Spoke Wheel and the Spectra Gray Trident Spoke wheels that enthusiasts have nicknamed the “Micky D” wheels after their first sighting at a McDonalds in Michigan.

Yesterday, a new set of wheels graced one of the prototypes we saw in a video as the cars were rolling down I65 south through Bowling Green, KY. The car was at speed on the highway but it’s clearly wearing a five-spoke Silver Aluminum wheel.

We shared this quick “Gotcha!” video last night after it became public, but we wanted to highlight it again because it shows two C8 Corvettes back-to-back, one with black wheels and the other with these Silver aluminum wheels.

We also have another sighting of this caravan and have it posted down below. Again, not a direct view of the wheels, but you can see how much the silver-wheeled car stands out compared to the others in the group. The video is credited to Brian Bowles of KY who posted it on Facebook:

The Corvette Team, and specifically product manager Harlan Charles, is making sure that Corvette enthusists who plan on ordering the C8 Corvette will have a ton of personalization options available to them. In past years we’ve seen a slower rollout for these same options that became available in year two or three of production but for the C8 they are going big.

Those options include the six different wheel designs and four different caliper colors.

C8 Corvette RPO Wheel Choices C8 Corvette LPO Wheel Choices C8 Corvette RPO Brake Caliper Choices

We know that these photos and videos don’t give us a clear look at the wheels, but know that they are on the road, we’ll be watching for them!

Black Machined Face Five Spoke Wheels

Spectra Gray Trident Wheels

Black Trident Wheels

@atsam / Instagram and Brian Bowles / Facebook

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