[VIDEO] Nothing to See Here Except for a C8 Corvette Caravan


[VIDEO] Nothing to See Here Except for a C8 Corvette Caravan

Photo Credit: @ATSAM / Instagram

Okay, this is crazy!

Everyone’s favorite Corvette_Nut once again shared a group of C8 Corvette prototypes as they were traveling down an un-named highway.

With sightings ranging from Michigan, California, Florida, and Ohio, his videos always give us a boost in morale. It’s fun knowing that he’s out there and thinking of Corvette enthusiasts as he posts these quick glimpses of the C8’s being driven. If he keeps this up, he’s going to earn his own tag.

It’s hard to see here as the video isn’t that crisp, but each of the MEs appears to be wearing the 07.18.19 banners on their doors. Chevrolet’s marketing gurus know this is the hottest car in town and Chevy can leverage their development and testing funds to help promote the C8’s reveal.

Our friends at Chevy denied they are sharing this stuff, and by the way, they don’t talk about future products either. Yet, Chevy wants to keep our exuberance for the C8 set to maximum and we’re here to tell you it’s working. Your secret is safe with us!

But wait there’s more!!

A few more photos and videos from this drive appeared. Corvette_Nut on the Corvette Forum shared these from an Instagram account @atsam. We’ve been told this is in Bowling Green, KY so perhaps another round of cars was completed and are on their way back to Detroit where they will be driven for testing and validation.

In his post on Instagram, @atsam said “Not entirely sure what’s going on here but there’s a convoy of C8s headed toward Nashville right now on I65. Damn do they look good rollin’”

[VIDEO] Nothing to See Here Except for a C8 Corvette Caravan

[VIDEO] Nothing to See Here Except for a C8 Corvette Caravan

Corvette Nut / YouTube

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