[VIDEO] Man Using Leaf Blower Hit By Neighbor Driving a C5 Corvette After Dispute


[VIDEO] Man Using Leaf Blower Hit By Neighbor Driving a C5 Corvette After Dispute

It’s not every day a man gets arrested for allegedly using his C5 Corvette as a deadly weapon, but that’s what happened in a Fort Myers, Florida neighborhood this week.

Apparently a dispute Sunday between two neighbors escalated to the point of violence – and it’s all captured on the victim’s surveillance camera.

In the video, Austin Semmer can be seen blowing leaves in front of his home to avoid paying an HOA fine (not sure we’d want to live in this neighborhood!), seemingly oblivious to the fact the Corvette is seemingly slowly stalking him as he walks up the street. Out of view of the camera, Semmer says he was eventually hit by the Corvette and the video then picks up with him walking toward the house where he called police.

“I can’t believe he did it, I really can’t believe he would actually hit me,” Semmer told NBC2 reporter Joseph Ojo. “I looked him in the eyes – why the hell you so close to me with the car? And he just slams at the gas.”

Semmer says his feet “were literally up to here under the car,” pointing to a spot slightly above his ankle. “By the time I jumped up, I really had to pull them out and jump on the hood and not care about it and roll over.”

Now Semmer says he’s “never felt pain like this – a pinching nerve. It feels like your back is twisted and something stabbing you right in the middle of your hmmmm.”

He says the crash has limited his mobility and has slowed down his work. “I have to find other jobs that I can barely lift anything,” Semmer says.

NBC2 says they tried to get the Corvette driver’s side of the story, but Anthony Swaldi didn’t answer the door.

Swaldi’s Corvette has been towed away by police, who have charged him with causing bodily harm and using his vehicle as a deadly weapon.


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