[ACCIDENT] Fire Destroys a New C7 Corvette at a South Florida Dealership


[ACCIDENT] Fire Destroys a New C7 Corvette at a South Florida Dealership

Photo Credit: Joan Kusnetov

On Sunday afternoon we were riveted to this video of an Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic C7 Corvette convertible going up in flames at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida dealership. On the website for Grieco Chevrolet, the car appears to be a 2019 2LT model with two-tone seats (at least it did have them) and an MSRP of $70,455.

WSVN-TV reported that the huge blaze, captured on video by onlookers, erupted when a light fixture above the Corvette ignited and dripped hot plastic onto the car.

Watch as Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue firefighters battle the blaze, quickly extinguishing it.

This is one C7 that refused to die, as video from the scene shows the running lights on the front of the car still flashing even in the aftermath of the fire. Unfortunately, the interior of the car looks to have suffered heavy damage, and the windshield glass is now gone.

Miraculously, firefighters did such a good job on the blaze that it didn’t do any damage to several other Corvettes right next to it, although the building itself did sustain significant smoke damage.

“It was a little nerve-racking ‘cause, honestly, we didn’t know if anyone was injured or not,” witness Joan Bennett-Kusnetzov told WSVN-TV, “but once we found out it was just a car, you know, poor Corvette. The Corvette was destroyed.”

No one was hurt, officials said.

Firefighters responded to the scene around 6 p.m. Sunday at Grieco Chevrolet, located at 1800 North Federal Highway.

Investigators have already ruled out arson as the cause of the blaze, so it sounds like a faulty light fixture on the building may have been the reason.

NBC Miami and WSVN-TV

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  1. I don’t know. Looks like a pretty Hot Fire. I would think that the corvettes around this burning one, would be affected.
    ” This Corvette has a freshly baked paint job – sunset yellow”

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