[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Punches a Hole In a Brick Building in Chicago Suburb of Skokie


[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Punches a Hole In a Brick Building in Chicago Suburb of Skokie

Police in the Illinois town of Skokie say they don’t know what caused a red C6 Corvette convertible to crash into the side of an office building this weekend, creating an unwanted new “drive-through” window in the process.

But neighbors told a reporter for ABC7 News that they heard two vehicles speeding down Oakton Street in Skokie – which is about 15 miles north of Chicago’s downtown loop – just before the accident.

The Corvette crashed into the side of a building in the 3900 block of Oakton Street, near Crawford Avenue, just before midnight Saturday.

The crash opened up a gaping hole in the side of the building, causing structural damage that will have to be assessed by professionals, according to the Skokie Fire Department.

Jeff Hoeflich of the fire department told ABC7 News that the crash caused “pretty significant damage to the car and to the building and serious injuries to the driver.”

Video from the scene shows half of the Corvette, with its top still down, sticking into a 10-foot hole it created in the brick wall of the building.

Firefighters managed to rescue the driver of the Corvette, and rescue crews then transported him to a hospital for treatment.

We are very sorry to have learned that the driver of the car passed away from his injuries. Police are asking if anyone who witnessed or has knowledge about the crash to contact the Skokie Police Department at 847-982-5900 or its 24-hour tip hotline at 847-933-8477.


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