[PICS] New Front-End C8 Corvette Render from FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum


[PICS] New Front-End C8 Corvette Render from FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

The resident design expert at the Mid Engine Corvette Forum has done it again. FVS (FirstVetteSoon) has been cranking out renders of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette ever since those covers dropped at Road America and the Nurburgring. FVS has been taking a slow crawl around the C8 Corvette and the amount of detail he is putting into these drawings is amazing.

One of the first renders we shared from FVS was a side view of the C8 Corvette based on the C8.R photos from Road America. After last week’s renders of a Sebring Orange C8 Hardtop Convertible was released, FVS went to work on the front of the using track videos and pictures of the C8 from its stint in Germany at the Nurburgring and this is what he came up with!

In his posting at the MidEngineCorvetteForum, FVS says that he is “still only guessing” at this point but that the key details are traced directly from photos of the C8s at the Nurburgring. “The shape, size and position of the headlamps are exact. Some small adjusting/mirroring was made to get a dead-on straight image and remove the camera distortion but it is very close” said FVS.

New Front-End C8 Corvette Render from FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

Like the previous renders which offered a look at the C8 Hardtop ME with a Ferrari next to it, here is the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette next to the McLaren 720s. The C8’s “hips” in this photo has a lot of people talking.

One thing that the drawing does account for is an area for the front license plate. A total of 31 states require a front license plate and you can bet as long at Kirk Bennion is the exterior design manager, you will always have a dedicated license plate holder with an easy process for mounting the plate on the front of the car.

And finally, here is your FVS bonus image of the day! A render of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette in black with brushed aluminum wheels. I’ve noticed that FVS doesn’t seem to care about the C8’s current wheel choices and has been going with these legacy designs when drawing the car. Might have to do a poll on that!

[PICS] New Front-End C8 Corvette Render from FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

The Mid-Engine Corvette Forum
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FVS / MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

[PICS] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette’s Hard Top Convertible Model Rendered by FVS and the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum
[PIC] New C8 Corvette Render From FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum
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  1. I hope the front end doesn’t look like this. Why? It’s too much like the current car. Nothing wrong with that but I was hoping an all-new car wouldn’t look like the old one with its engine in a different location. And if they’re trying to attract new buyers, why would they buy something that’s already for sale in the front-engine car? I’m not talking about a great departure from the Corvette look but more different than this!

  2. NOPE. So you have those big radiator filled front fascia openings taking in tons of air. In your rendering, where does it exit?!? The front “hood” will still have some vents on it to let that air out but the vents will be sealed away from the front storage compartment. I think I’ve seen two horizonal, wide ‘slats’ indicating the air outlets.

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