[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Crashes During an Open Track Session at the Nurburgring


[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Crashes During an Open Track Session at the Nurburgring

I remember first learning about the Nurburgring, the 12.9-mile track known as the Green Hell. The track plays host to a number of races throughout the year on the track and there is even a 24-hour race like Daytona and Le Mans. Manufactures use the German race track as a benchmark against other sports cars and the Corvette production team likes to track their latest sportscars there and then not tell anyone what their lap times were. But I always thought that one of the coolest aspects of the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife is that anyone can take to the track during the Touristenfahrten days, which essentially translates to tourist rides.

And speaking of tourists going for a ride, here is a video from Auto Addiction on YouTube capturing a recent Touristenfahrten session. One of the participants is seen driving a customized red and silver C7 Corvette Z06 wearing a no. 15 on the side. The Z06 comes through an uphill right hand turn a few car lengths behind a Porsche and a Mercedes coupe. As the car crests the top of the corner, you can hear the driver increasing the power but the rear end of the Vette breaks loose and it sends the Corvette nose-first into the barrier.

[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Crashes During an Open Track Session at the Nurburgring

The impact of the Corvette into the wall causes a mess as the crash kicks up a huge amount of dirt and showers the track with debris from the Corvette’s damaged front end. As the Corvette comes to a stop, smoke from the engine fills the air and we see a young couple get out of the car and move to the side of the track as they wait for assistance from track officials.

The most likely cause of the accident is that the driver had turned off the electronic traction controls and with those other two cars racing just in front of him, he got a little over eager with the throttle before the car had exited the turn. It happens to the best of drivers as well as amateurs who want to experience the Nurburgring up close for themselves. We do know that this is one track day that will be unforgettable for the young couple as the Green Hell once again claims another victim during the Touristenfahrten.

Auto Addiction Media via Motor1.com

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  1. Unfortunately for the driver, his expensive day is not over yet. According to the Nurburgring waiver drivers are responsible for track damage( that costly Armco repair) and towing costs as well!

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