[PICS] Shadow Gray vs Watkins Glen Gray at Kerbeck!


[PICS] Shadow Gray vs Watkins Glen Gray at Kerbeck!

Our friends from Kerbeck Corvette always offer up these nice comparison photos whenever a new color is released. The Atlantic City-based dealer just received their first shipments of the new Shadow Gray featured on 2019 Corvette models. Since this new exterior color is replacing Watkins Glen Gray, they have parked the two cars together for potential buyers to see the difference in the shades of gray.

Here are the comments from Kerbeck’s Dave Salvatore who shared the photos with us:

The difference in person stands out more than on the camera. With the direct sunlight, I had a hard time getting a picture that showed the difference. I will say that seeing them together I now see more brown in the Watkins Glen Gray than I had noticed before and the Shadow Gray has a touch of blue similar to Cyber Gray but not as dark.

Shadow Gray on the left, Watkins Glen Gray on the right.

[PICS] Shadow Gray vs Watkins Glen Gray at Kerbeck!

[PICS] Shadow Gray vs Watkins Glen Gray at Kerbeck!

Thanks for the photos Dave!

In regards to the Corvette exterior color choices, Gray has remained as one of the top 4-5 colors over the last few years no matter which shade it’s offered in. Through August 1st, Watkins Glen Gray made up 10% of 2019 Corvette production and is ranked 5th behind the surprise hit Sebring Orange.

Early next month, the assembly plant will also begin painting Corvettes in Elkhart Lake Blue, the second of two new colors for 2019:

Elkhart Lake Blue coming to 2019 Corvettes

Interested in ordering the new Shadow Gray Corvette? Call Dave Salvatore at 877-537-2325 or click here to view Kerbeck’s Corvette inventory of Stingrays, Grand Sports, Z06s and ZR1s. Visit Kerbeck Corvette on the web at www.kerbeck.com.

Kerbeck Corvette

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  1. The Watkins Grey (to my eye) is not brown, but quite a prism of colours. And I find it more fascinating that the new Shadow Grey.

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