[VIDEO] Cyclist Captures Police Pursuit of Teenage Carjacker in a C7 Corvette During IRL Stream


[VIDEO] Cyclist Captures Police Pursuit of Teenage Carjacker in a C7 Corvette During IRL Stream

Photo Credit: LolthuluGaming / Twitch

We told you last week about a carjacked C7 coupe involved in three crashes that totaled four vehicles.

Now we’ve got video shot by an IRL (In Real Life) streamer on a bike that apparently shows the Torch Red Corvette flying past him Thursday afternoon on an Alabama street while being chased by police.

Be prepared for some strong language during the video, but after you watch how this cyclist appears to have cheated death, you can’t blame him for letting out a few choice words.

On the video, the cyclist – who uses the name LolthuluGaming on his Twitch account – is casually talking when suddenly we hear the sounds of a growling engine coming up behind him. A red C7 then zooms past him, mere feet away, and we hear sirens quickly approaching.

“Jesus, f—-, holy s—,” he says. “It’s a police chase! Holy s— I almost died! Wow!”

He continues pedaling down the street, then hears more sirens coming up behind him and quickly pedals onto the sidewalk. “I’m going … I’m going,” he says. “Oh yeah, out of the way! Damn!”

While we don’t know for sure if this is the same Corvette involved in the Homewood/Birmingham crash, it sure looked like it and police reports from the same area noted a red Corvette had been taken from a woman at gunpoint that day. A 17-year-old was later arrested and charged with first degree robbery, unlawful possession of marijuana, having a pistol without a permit and attempting to elude police. He could still face additional charges for the hit-and-run crashes as well.

For more about the chase and photos of the Corvette Stingray, click here.

Twitch, by the way, is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. Now owned by Amazon, it recently launched a new streaming category called IRL where users can share their real life experiences – including, apparently, Corvette chases!


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