[STOLEN] Teenage Carjacker in a Stolen Corvette Crashes Into Multiple Vehicles During Police Chase


[STOLEN] Teenage Carjacker Steals a C7 Corvette Before Crashing Into Multiple Vehicles During Police Chase

Some Corvette owners worry about getting the first scratch on their “baby”.

Sadly, that’s the least of the worries for the owner of this once-beautiful Torch Red C7 Corvette coupe.

An armed carjacker took off with the woman’s Stingray Thursday afternoon, then wound up leading police on a chase through Birmingham and Homewood, Alabama.

By the time the chase had ended, the suspect had wrecked the Corvette three times and totaled four cars in the process.

Based on photos from its final resting place, the Corvette suffered extensive damage to the passenger side, with the rear bumper hanging off, the rear passenger tire gone and the front passenger tire dangling, and major damage from front to back to the body panels on the passenger side.

Fortunately, despite all the carnage to the vehicles involved, no one was injured in any of the cars.

The action started around 3 p.m. when Homewood Police were told an armed carjacker had stolen the Corvette at the intersection of Oxmoor Road and St. Charles Street in Edgewood.

Police saw the hot ‘Vette on Valley Avenue and began chasing the car. The suspect first wrecked on I-65 at the University Boulevard exit, then crashed a second time at 3rd Avenue North and 17th Street North. He managed to keep going down 3rd Avenue before finally wrecking a third and final time at Carraway Boulevard. By this point, all four tires on the Corvette were flat, and four vehicles had been totaled.

The suspect then left the Corvette and took off running into nearby kudzu. Officers had established a perimeter around the scene, however, and quickly apprehended the man without a struggle.

Police later identified the suspect as a 17-year-old from Roebuck.

He now faces a first degree robbery charge, unlawful possession of marijuana, having a pistol without a permit and attempting to elude police. He could still face additional charges for the hit-and-run crashes as well.


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  1. It would be much more fitting and appropriate to put a very VERY large hole in that piece of shits forehead!

    There is just no fucking way that fucking punk should be allowed to live. I would have no problem filling his face with so much lead, he would no longer be recognizable as a human being!

  2. Well, this teenager now has a bright future…behind bars for a (hopefully) long, long time.

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