[ACCIDENT] Russian C7 Corvette Crash Caught on Video


[ACCIDENT] Russian C7 Corvette Crash Caught on Video

Traffic accidents can be a scary situation for the drivers and they can be downright terrifying for pedestrians who suddenly hear a loud crash and then see a damaged vehicle heading directing for them.

That sets the scene of this car accident in Tula, Russia as a Torch Red C7 Corvette Stingray collided with Renault sedan. A security camera mounted outside a pawnshop captures the moment when the Renault turns in front of the Corvette, which may have been speeding. The crash sent the heavily-damaged Stingray into the front steps of the pawnshop just as two people were entering the store.

The description of the video is in Russian and using Google translator, we learned that the driver of the Renault was sent to the hospital while eyewitnesses said the driver of the Corvette does not have a driver’s license. Police are still investigating.

The first video shows the surveillence video of the actual crash. The second features a news report that shows a walk around of the car:

TeleTool / YouTube

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