[STOLEN] 1958 Corvette Taken From South Florida Carport on Mother’s Day


[STOLEN] 1958 Corvette Taken From South Florida Carport on Mother's Day

Here’s hoping someone will step forward with information leading to the recovery of a priceless (at least to the owner) 1958 Corvette stolen on Mother’s Day in Miami, Fla.

Authorities are asking for tips at the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers line at 305-471-TIPS.

Barbara Garrett, whose late husband bought the Corvette some 60 years ago, is devastated with the loss of the car, which was slated to be handed down to her grandson.

“(My husband) bought it when he was maybe 20, 21 years old,” she said, “and we’ve had it all these years, 60 years.”

[STOLEN] 1958 Corvette Taken From South Florida Carport on Mother's Day

Garrett was celebrating Mother’s Day at her daughter’s home when a neighbor called her and asked if someone was supposed to be hauling her Corvette away.

“I feel sorry for my neighbor’s ear because I screamed in the phone ‘No!'” Garrett said, “but I couldn’t believe someone was actually stealing my car.”

By the time she raced home, the Corvette was already gone. Police later found surveillance video from a neighbor’s home that shows an empty rollback driving toward Garrett’s home, then returning a few minutes later with the Corvette on the back.

[STOLEN] 1958 Corvette Taken From South Florida Carport on Mother's Day

“And they managed to get through both locks and haul the car out of there,” Garrett said.

She said they were just starting to restore the car, “and somebody just came in and messed us completely up. It makes you not want to leave the house.”

To her and her family, the car – while not in perfect condition – is irreplaceable.

“Sentimentally, it can’t be replaced,” she said. “The value of it can’t be replaced. Sure, we can get another car, but it’s not going to be the same.”


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  1. If they ever find those scumbag pieces of shit thieves, They should throw them into a wood chipper feet first!

  2. Old saying about stealing the pennies off a dead man’s eyes comes to mind!! Bet the rollback guy is a repo man as his day job.

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