[VIDEO] C3 Corvette Thrown from Trailer in Ohio


[VIDEO] C3 Corvette Thrown from Trailer in Ohio

Photo Credit: Ohio Department of Transportation

The world turned upside down Monday for the owner of this mid-1970s Corvette coupe – literally.

The classic ‘Vette had recently been sold by the owner, who was pulling it on a trailer with his truck when he noticed the trailer swaying. He slowed down, but it proved to be too late to keep the trailer from jackknifing and throwing the Corvette off.

For anyone who’s ever carried a Corvette on a trailer, this was likely his worst nightmare. State troopers blamed the accident on the car not being restrained on the trailer with the right straps.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The accident happened on I-75 South near Needmore Road in Harrison Township in the southwest part of Ohio and blocked the right lanes of the interstate for about an hour and a half before being cleared around noon.

We wonder what the legal ramifications of this accident are. News accounts didn’t really explain if the deal had already been sealed and the car was being delivered to the new owner, or if the car was merely being transported to the new owner to actually close the deal upon arrival?

Either way, it’s a shame to see this classic Corvette upside down and should be a reminder to us all to make sure our cars are securely strapped down when carrying them on a trailer.


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  1. If the trailer is swaying, there is an improper amount of tongue-weight on the hitch ball, either too much, or, more likely, too little.
    The standard rule of thumb is 7%-10% of the weight being towed must be creating down-force on the hitch ball.
    See your trailer manufacturer for more details/instructions.

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    \\ 4036

  2. Looks like the officer nailed the cause – it should still be attached to the trailer if properly secured with axle tie-downs – like maybe the entire rig upside down…due to improper weight on the ball hitch as Mr. Brady mentioned earlier. In the photo it looks like one (red) ratchet strap through a slot in the front wheel – surely had to be more, but one never knows with some folks.

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