[STOLEN] Vietnam Veteran’s Missing 1962 Corvette is Recovered from an Abandoned Barn


[STOLEN] Vietnam Veteran's Missing 1962 Corvette is Recovered from an Abandoned Barn

Photo Credit: newson6.com

Here’s a barn find with a different twist.

Vietnam veteran Floyd Seylor of Sand Springs, Oklahoma reported his 1962 Corvette had been stolen from a storage unit where it was being kept while a permanent garage was under construction.

Fortunately, the classic sports car has been found safe and sound in an abandoned barn in Sand Springs, police said.

A viewer of News on 6, which ran a story about the theft, checked the barn after an acquaintance had asked her to store something in her old barn.

The car has been returned to Seylor, who plans to hand down the Corvette to his daughter, but a collection of memorabilia that was also stolen from the storage unit – including the Silver Star earned by his father in World War II – is still missing.

The Corvette – numbers matching and all original – was the first car for Seylor, whose parents died when he was young. An uncle helped him get the car, which was waiting for him when Seylor returned home from serving in the Army 101st Airborne after being drafted right out of high school. He and the Corvette have been inseparable ever since.

“It means a lot to him,” said Seylor’s daughter, Alicia Nevaquaya. “The car’s been with him longer than I have. The car is very special to him and our family.”


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