[PIC] Groovy-Painted 1966 Corvette Finally Out of Long-Term Storage


[PIC] Groovy-Painted 1966 Corvette Finally Out of Long Term Storage

Austin Powers would look “groovy, baby” in this 1966 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe that makes us think we’ve traveled back in time to the disco era.

While some folks might not care for the custom paint job, we like the retro look it gives to this Corvette that has had the same owner for 49 years but has been in storage since 1990.

That owner, Clair Crider of Converse, Ohio, bought the car from a local dentist in Lima, Ohio in 1969, drove it for the next 21 years, and then stored it away – finally deciding recently that it was time to bring this beautiful C2 back to its rightful place on the road.

Despite the original engine being blown and replaced by a non-1966 powerplant, Crider says he managed to take second place at Nationals in Atlanta back in 1975.

Once he brought the car out of storage lately, he replaced the replacement engine, which had developed a leak, with another one that was time period-correct.

“It’s my baby, one of the family,” Crider says now.

So what do you think about the custom paint job? We wish we could find more close-up photos to get a better look at the details, but from what little we’ve been able to see from this story on limaohio.com, we like the psychedelic look the paint gives the car, especially with the full-car-length stinger hood and the matching strip on the lower half of the side panels.

Did someone say, “Groovy, baby”?


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  1. That is pretty tasteful for the era – when I saw the headline, it was uh-oh, must be covered in psychedelic flames, spiders and snakes, etc. I like this one!

  2. Love it…truly a testament to the 70s when they were just fun cars…if your not old enough you wouldn’t understand. .thanks for the feature

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