Judge ‘Throws the Book’ at 21-Year-Old Who Crashed a Corvette Z06 into a Tree at 90 MPH


Judge Throws the Book at 21-Year-Old Who Crashed a Corvette Z06 into a Tree at 90 MPH

Remember the 21-year-old who crashed a 2016 Corvette Z06 into a tree going 90 mph and badly injuring his 17-year-old female passenger back in May?

Jie Fu Gong, now 22, was ordered to “pay the price” for his actions behind the wheel of his 650-horsepower Corvette in an Ann Arbor, Michigan court on Wednesday.

The vehicle’s data recorder revealed that Gong was driving the Z06 at 125 mph five seconds before the crash, and that upon impact with the tree, the Corvette was still going 90 mph – all in a 35 mph zone.

Washtenaw County Judge Archie Brown, you might say, threw the book at Gong, sentencing him to nine months in jail, three months more than recommended by the probation department but three months less than the year favored by Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor Michael Doby.

“He continues to downplay the seriousness of his actions,” Doby said.

Judge Brown call the crash “a reckless crime,” adding that “it’s just really fortunate that people of the general public weren’t injured.”

As it was, after losing control of the Z06 and striking a tree, Gong had to be extricated from the vehicle by Scio Township firefighters, along with his passenger who suffered two broken femurs, a lower leg fracture, a broken orbital bone, and a broken nose, earlier reports said.

The teenage girl was not at Wednesday’s sentencing.

For his part, Gong expressed sorrow about the crash when Judge Brown offered him a chance to speak in court.

“I’m really sorry this happened,” Gong said. “I really think a lot (about the incident) in jail. This is the first time I did this. This is the last time I’ll do it.”

Gong also received two years probation for his crime, during which time he is banned from driving a car without written permission from the court. He also must not have any contact with his female passenger and was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

Any restitution will be determined at a future hearing.


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