Corvette Museum Takes Its Memorabilia Sale Online


Corvette Museum Takes Its Memorabilia Sale Online

On Friday and Saturday the National Corvette Museum held their indoor yard sale of spare Corvette parts and memorabilia items from the Assembly Plant, the museum, and Corvette Racing. While many of us who may have been interested in checking out the sale couldn’t attend, the good news is that the NCM has now moved many of the memorabilia items online.

The Corvette Museum posted the available items on Facebook and here is how this online sale will work. If you see something you want, call 270-467-8846. To inquire/ask questions, call, message the page, or email [email protected]. You can pay via credit card by phone and they can hold the items for pickup. Once something has been purchased, they will delete the images following payment.

There is some great stuff here and its very affordable so get an early jump on Christmas shopping for the Corvette fan in your life, even if that’s you!

Check out the Memorabilia Sale by the NCM on Facebook.

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