[VIDEO] National Corvette Museum’s Wendell Strode Recalls Sinkhole in Commercial for Chubb Insurance


[VIDEO] National Corvette Museum's Wendell Strode Recalls Sinkhole in commercial for Chubb Insurance

The National Corvette Museum and Executive Director Wendell Strode are the stars in a stunning new commercial for Chubb Insurance.

As sirens wail in the background, the commercial opens with a silhouetted Strode recalling that February morning in 2014 when he got a call at 6 in the morning from a co-worker.

“She thought it was a fire,” Strode says in the commercial. “It was worse.”

During the night, eight priceless Corvettes had plunged into a sinkhole that opened up under the museum.

“Chubb was there within hours,” Strode continues. “They made sure we had the right people – structural engineers, construction managers, sinkhole experts, everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running. It was like they worked for us.”

A smile then spreads across Strode’s face.

“A sinkhole opened up under our museum,” he says, “and we were open the next day! I’m Wendell Strode, executive director of the National Corvette Museum. And we’re Chubb insured.”

The commercial is one of several spotlighting the responses Chubb gives to its clients.

On the Chubb website, they explain what they did for the NCM and similar customers, too:

Chubb responded immediately. After engineers assessed the safety implications, Chubb made the call to allow the museum to reopen right away. By quickly granting access to the press, the museum garnered publicity around the world. The amount of interest and number of visitors immediately spiked. The museum’s management team contemplated how to sustain the increased attention. Chubb’s flexibility allowed the museum to consider their options and rebuild the museum with the sinkhole as part of their exhibit. It paid off. The National Corvette Museum continues to be more popular than before the now-famous sinkhole incident.

Cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, and aquariums face special challenges and oftentimes lack professional support. Chubb’s risk management services and tailored insurance products can help protect institutions from myriad risks, both known and unknown.


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