[VIDEO] Corvette Museum is Planning an Indoor Sale of Corvette Parts and Memorabilia


[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Planning Indoor Sale of Corvette Parts and Memorabilia

The National Corvette Museum has over the course of time accumulated a bunch of parts and past exhibit displays from the Corvette Assembly Plant and they’ve decided to host an indoor yard sale next Friday and Saturday where these items will be sold. Some of the treasures include a stack of C6 hood lines, a windshield and many displays that feature various Corvette logos and information about specific models and special editions.

The NCM’s Katie Ellison took this video from inside one of their Bowling Green-area warehouses to show some of the items being offered:

So if you are interested, the indoor yard sale at the National Corvette Museum will be held on Friday, November 17th from 4-6pm and again Saturday, November 18th from 8am-3pm. In the video Katie says other vendors will also be offering items during the indoor sale.

National Corvette Museum / Facebook

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  1. Looking at the Corvette Indoor Sale and the Ladies were showing Parts, the Mirror & WIndshield they did not know the Year/Generation! That Mirror looks like the one in my 2005 C-6, you probably had numerous replies telling you the same thing I just did, just wanted to add my 2 cents. Hope that helped. Good Luck with the Indoor Sale!

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