[VIDEO] Another Preview of the Corvette Museum’s Indoor Parts and Memorabilia Sale


[VIDEO] Another Preview of the Corvette Museum's Indoor Parts and Memorabilia Sale

Last week we learned the National Corvette Museum was hosting an indoor yard sale this Friday and Saturday. A previous video featured a walk-through of an NCM warehouse and several items were shown including a stack of C6 hood liners, a windshield, and a rearview mirror.

The Corvette Museum’s Katie Ellison is back with another video showing more of the memorabilia items including a ton of stuff from the Corvette assembly plant and Corvette Racing.

Sure wish I was there this weekend to check out some of these items, especially the Corvette Racing murals and some of the other graphics that look be available.

The indoor yard sale at the National Corvette Museum will be held on Friday, November 17th from 4-6pm and again Saturday, November 18th from 8am-3pm.

If you are unable to visit Bowling Green for the NCM’s indoor yard sale, check out some of the items they have listed on eBay:

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