[VIDEO] Arizona Murder Suspect Carjacks Corvette Before Being Shot Dead by Police


[VIDEO] Arizona Murder Suspect Carjacks Corvette Before Being Shot Dead by Police

A suspect in a Phoenix murder led police on a wild chase Wednesday afternoon in a stolen yellow C6 Corvette coupe, with the outcome ending in death for the driver.

The Corvette weaved around other cars several times during the pursuit before an undercover officer crashed his own vehicle into the sports car on purpose, sending the Corvette spinning and sliding into a utility pole at an intersection.

TV cameras captured police closing in on the Corvette, with guns drawn and at least two of the officers opened fire. The unidentified suspect wound up dead, but authorities could not say whether the fatal gunshot came from police or from his own hand.

“We still have to investigate the manner of death. We don’t know if an officer (fatally) shot him. We don’t know if it was self-inflicted,” said Sgt. Alan Pfohl, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.

The chase came after police answered a call about a fatal shooting about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex near 48th Street and Elliot Road in Ahwatkukee Foothills.

The ensuing investigation led police to the man driving the stolen Corvette

“During detectives’ investigation, it led them to this person, which matched the description of a possible suspect in the shooting,” Pfohl said.

Police found the man near 65th Avenue and Bell Road in Glendale, but he ran off before quickly stealing a truck at gunpoint nearby. He abandoned that vehicle near Seventh Avenue and Union Hills Drive, then confronted another person at gunpoint and stole his Corvette.

A police helicopter located the Corvette from the air and followed the suspect into north Phoenix, with several unmarked police vehicles in pursuit, too.

One witness to the chase, Derek Montilla of Glendale, said the driver was “a blur” and “driving extremely dangerously.” He thought at first it was just “a guy in a Corvette being a jerk,” but after seeing the unmarked police cars chasing it, he said, “it was pretty apparent it was something bigger.”


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