Police Searching for the Driver of a Yellow Corvette After Hit and Run Crash with Motorcyclist


Police Searching for Driver of a Yellow Corvette After Hit and Run Crash with Motorcyclist

Photo Credit: Washington State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol announced that it had located the Yellow Corvette that was wanted in connection with a felony hit and run with a motorcyclist on Interstate 405 in Lakewood, Washington on Sunday. The driver of the sports car still remains at large.

On Sunday evening, the C6 Corvette was traveling southbound on Interstate 405 when it struck a motorcyclist while changing lanes. The motorcyclist was throne from his bike and broke both legs while the Corvette continued on.

Washington State Police put out an APB on the Corvette as it had damage to its right front fender and passenger side mirror. On Monday, Lakewood’s Police Department would find the C6 Corvette with the damage as described.

News of the recovery was tweeted by the WSP and with a little twist…it was reported stolen as it was being impounded!

The driver of the Corvette is unknown and police haven’t released the name of the Corvette owner. As stated, the State Patrol will be conducting a search of the car for fingerprints and other DNA evidence.

Should anyone have information about this crime, contact Detective Brody Ford at 425-401-7742 or [email protected]

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