[VIDEO] Corvette Driver Arrested in Brazil After a Donut in Street Attracts the Police


[VIDEO] Corvette Driver Arrested in Brazil After Donut in Street Attracts the Police

Mom always said nothing good happens after midnight and the driver of the C6 Corvette in Brazil can probably agree.

I might also point out the basic premise of this video is that

CCTV cameras in Guaratube, Brazil capture a C6 Corvette pulling onto a nearly deserted street on December 28, 2016 at 2:12 am. The car executes a smokey 360, narrowly missing a telephone pole, before laying a perfect burnout.

Unfortunately for the driver, or fortunately for the rest of society, a military police unit had been following the car and witnessed the stunt. The police car races in with its emergency lights flashing and stopped the Corvette driver in the middle of the street.

A report from blastingnews.com says the driver appeared to be intoxicated. In addition to dangerous driving and suspected of DUI, the driver was also indicted for tampering with license plates after the Corvette’s plates didn’t match the car.

The Corvette was seized and driver was taken to the police station.


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