[VIDEO] Michelin Offers Unique Track To Street Showdown from Sebring


[VIDEO] Michelin Offers Unique Track To Street Examples from Sebring

GTLM Competitors in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship can use any tire, but since Falken Tires left in 2015, the GT Le Mans class has in essence become a defacto “Michelin” spec class with all five manufacturers riding on the brand.

As the teams are down at the official two day Sebring test, Michelin got everyone together for a video shoot.

The video features those five race cars – Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, Porsche and BMW – along with an example of the production sports cars they represent, as they roll around the track in formation. The video is a great example of each manufacturer’s “track to street” technology transfers which is ultimately why each brand is racing.

Michelin / YouTube

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  1. Get the factory cars, put a roll cage and safety harness in them. Select a factory driver for each and lets see who has the baddest hot rod. 50 laps maybe. Could get good tv ratings for that!

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