[STOLEN] 1960 Corvette in Detroit for Autorama is Stolen from Hotel Parking Lot


[STOLEN] 1960 Corvette in Detroit for Autorama is Stolen from Hotel Parking Lot

Photo Credit: fox2detroit.com

After a 30-year break from police work, a Michigan man is back in the detective business, although reluctantly.

Dave Fischbach of Bellaire, Michigan says his one-of-a-kind classic Corvette was stolen as he was in Southgate, Michigan for the Detroit Autorama.

Naturally, Fischbach was cautious about his 1960 Corvette and picked a Holiday Inn in Southgate after finding out it had video surveillance cameras and an overnight security guard patrolling what Fischbach described as a well-lit parking lot.

He went to bed Tuesday night thinking his vehicles were safe.

Those precautions went out the window, however, when Fischbauch checked the parking lot Wednesday morning and discovered his turquoise Ford F-350 conversion truck missing, along with a white 42-foot, all aluminum trailer containing his Corvette and a 2000 Jeep Wranger.

[STOLEN] 1960 Corvette in Detroit for Autorama is Stolen from Hotel Parking Lot

After posting the theft on Facebook, the trailer was discovered at Troy’s towing on the city’s east side, and the Jeep had been hauled to the city’s impound lot.

But the two main items – the red Corvette with white coves and the truck – have not been found.

While the truck was nothing special and can be replaced, Fischbach is heartbroken over the loss of the Corvette as his employees took more than 1,500 hours to build it on nights and weekends and it’s since won national competitions three times. He planned to show it again at the Autorama.

Fischbach has another more important concern, too, as he is worried about the effects the theft may have on the health of his wife, who is already battling cancer.

In case you’re wondering, Fischbach checked the video from the surveillance cameras at the hotel, and they show him pulling into the parking lot but nothing of the vehicles being stolen.


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