[VIDEO] Corvette Test Driver Jim Mero Has the Best Job in the World


[VIDEO] Corvette Test Driver Jim Mero Has the Best Job in the World

Corvette’s Ride and Handling Engineer Jim Mero is a rock star in Corvette circles but outside our hobby, he is just one of the countless engineers that help make the Corvette the best it can be.

Michelin USA and Amazon’s The Grand Tour have put out a video this afternoon featuring Mero behind the wheel of a Corvette Grand Sport at the NCM Motorsports Park and he talks about how he has the best job in the world.

With a bootlegger for a grandfather, Mero’s need for speed must run in the family. Getting an early start with kart racing, Mero steadily moved up the ranks to Indy Car racing and eventually raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now as the official test driver for Corvette, he says his “office” is the best in the world!

Here’s a couple of quick quotes from Mero and then you can see the full video below:

“If you ask any professional driver, ‘have you ever driven a perfect lap?’, their answer will be 100 percent of the time ‘no’. No matter how good you drive it, there is always a little bit left on the table”.

“I really like being the Chevrolet guy walking into a shootout against cars that cost $150,000 to $250,000 and we’ll beat every one of them.”

Great seeing Jim getting the recognition he deserves! For those up and coming drivers who may be eyeing “the greatest job in the world”, take heed and have a back up plan as I don’t think Jim is planning on getting out of the Corvette’s driver’s seat any time soon!

Michelin USA / Twitter

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