[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: The C5 Corvette


[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews:  The C5 Corvette

Mr. Regular is back with another Regular Car Review and this time he points his wit and sharp tongue at the C5 Corvette.

During this review, he talks about the Chevrolet Corvette being the most defended car brand on the market and it must be fun knowing he is going to say something that is likely to piss off a C5 owner. Calling the C5 being the flavored condom of sportscars won’t make any friends on these pages. But Mr. Regular has now worked his way through the last five of the seven Corvette generations as well as making a trip to Carlisle to find Which Corvette is Best Corvette. So I think we are starting to win him over.

Here is Mr. Regular in a 2001 Corvette provided by a friend named Zach. Say, Mr. R sure does have a lot friends with Corvettes…

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  1. “Mr. Regular’s” reviews are hilarious! His “my Corvette is best Corvette” from Carlisle was side-splitting!

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