[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: Corvettes at Carlisle


[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: Corvettes at Carlisle

Corvette Blogger has been a regular visitor to Corvettes at Carlisle, but this off-beat look at the largest gathering of ‘Vettes in the entire world by Regular Car Reviews managed to give us a unique look at the goings-on there.

After wandering through the Carlisle Fairgrounds and showing some of the more than 5,000 Corvettes that became the latest to attend the big event, Regular Car Reviews begins to offer a philosophical look at the Corvette enthusiast’s world.

“No matter what you think of Corvettes themselves or the kind of culture they cultivate,” the narrator says, “it’s hard not to respect the amount of dedication that goes into Corvette ownership. We’ve reviewed several and we’ve yet to meet somebody who ever takes their responsibility lightly and that’s deserving of a certain respect in itself.”

Regular Car Reviews points out that not everybody treats their cars like they deserve to be treated – “some people beat on their cars or neglect their cars or curse their cars out and sometimes it’s not the car’s fault. Sometimes it’s the owner bringing his own issues to the car.”

But it’s rare to find a neglectful Corvette owner, RCR says, “because they understand that a car isn’t just a car. It can be part of your family – it can be part of your life – it can be part of your identity – the DNA of what makes you, you at a level that extends past biology.”

A Corvette can bring out the you, you always believed you were supposed to be, RCR says, “whether that’s true or not is immaterial, but you believe it! In the uncertainty of life, that can make all the difference.”

RCR’s writer says he saw men at Carlisle warmly greeting each other and reassuring one another “that the fans will work and don’t worry, I brought along lots of bottled water in case you have to pull over.”

These people had – have – a community tighter than any sub bread could hope to weave, he says.

“They’ve been coming to Carlisle since I was paying for elementary food with lunch tickets,” he says. “They have friendships bound through wrenching rescues and emergency tows and fiberglass repair and maddening C4 spark plug changing procedures. I have none of this – I am a cynical poser with a clipboard and sour grapes.

“I see people who have solid foundations on which to build their place in the world,” he continues. “They have lasting families and hold hands as they walk. Their children are respectful and their dogs only pee in the long grass. There are no drunken police encounters or even that much profanity.”

Finally, the RCR reviewer ends up with this conclusion:

“If there was an overreaching feeling to that Saturday, it was this. I want in, I want in to this world, not to command an LS engine, no, but to join these Corvette owners and their bean bag sense of belonging to each other!”

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