[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: The C4 1988 Corvette


[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: The C4 1988 Corvette

How about another classic Corvette video review by the guys at Regular Car Reviews? This time they have set their sights on the C4 generation and in particular, the 1988 Corvette.

A Regular Car Review is exactly that and the show has featured Corvettes before with reviews of a C3 1979 Corvette, a C6 2008 Corvette and the 2014 Corvette Stingray. The show even produced a review of Corvettes at Carlisle so if you’ve ever attended, you’ll want to catch that one again.

And just a quick warning. Some of the language used may not be safe for work environments. So please take that into consideration when watching the video below.

Mr. Regular makes several really good observations about the C4 Corvette and we think he is right on the money right at the opening with this diatribe:

[quote_box_center]”C4 – The car that tops off the pod of jealousy even today. Listen. Without the C4, all your adorable McGuire’s-massaging, low-dicking, border-patrolling, sidewalk-facing, barstool-nodding, ‘that’s what I am talking about-ing’, just as fast as a Porsche talk wouldn’t happen without the C4. Because the C4 represents the biggest jump in technology for the Corvette.”[/quote_box_center]

The review of the 1988 Corvette features everything we love about the C4 Corvette when it was new as well as the things that bug us about it today. Like the “so fancy” 4-speed automatic transmission or the digital gauge cluster with its color overlays that aren’t real and tend to fade in the sun.

Regular Car Reviews also tackles the important questions that everyone asks about the C4 – like how come there wasn’t an 1983 model?

RCR also says this about how the current look of the Corvette comes from the C4 models:

[quote_box_center]”Corvette [Team] picked the look, and they have largely stuck to the C4’s look. This is the car that defined what a Corvette looks like. This was the age when you put the word computer on the dash and it meant something. The reason Corvettes are still a commodity today in ways that other cars aren’t is because there’s a uniform aesthetic, an exclusivity, an elitism that prevents the brand from ever feeling truly regular. But it also keeps it attainable to anyone willing to work hard enough to afford one.”[/quote_box_center]

Mr. Regular also makes some insightful comments regarding Corvette owners and the “upvote/downvote culture” which “reduces arguments to enthusiastic agreement or go die in whoring accident”. He adds “You criticize a Corvette and you get the two extremes of disagreement.”

Check out the review here. We think it’s one of the best of the Corvette reviews so far from Regular Car Reviews.

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