Jordan Taylor Shares the Legend of Burt Middleston


Jordan Taylor Shares the Legend of Burt Middleston

Gather around good Corvette boys and girls because our favorite storyteller Jordan Taylor of WTR Racing/Corvette Racing is back with another tall tale.

If you follow Jordan on social media, you’ll remember his previous yarn focused on his idea of the perfect date which included a picnic in his 1965 Corvette. Now, Jordan gets personal by sharing with you…The legend of Burt Middleston.

You will only understand this picture if you follow me on snapchat. So for everyone else, here's the back story… Burt Middleston is one of my many alias'. I have new neighbors that just moved in and I was going to go introduce myself to them. Not as Jordan Taylor the race car driver, but as Burt Middleson, the professional tree climber. Burt loves to climb, whether it's palm, pine, or whatever kind of tree. His personal preference is Oak. Burt was born to climb, he held many records in his early days. His career was was going so well, until one fateful day. He was climbing a 240 footer up in Chattanooga, when he burned himself. Literally. He was dismounting the Palm with the classic slide down technique, but he made a mistake. He squeezed too tightly with his thighs, and with squeezing comes friction, and with friction comes heat, and with heat comes burns, and with burns came the end of Burt's climbing career. People said it was the most horrific scene in tree climbing since Blansten Bernard lost a pinky toe in 82. But with all the plastic surgery done to Burt's upper legs, Burt got a new job. Burt became an underwear model. Burt is now the most sought after underwear model in the undies industry. Calvin Klein was after him for a few years and even offered to create a Burt Middleston line. Anyway, now Burt is a race car driver, as pictured above.

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