Laguna Blue and Shark Gray to be Phased Out of 2016 Corvette Production


Laguna Blue and Shark Gray to be Phased Out of 2016 Corvette Production

Well, here is another bombshell dropped by Chevrolet regarding exterior colors for the Corvette.

Chevy will be phasing out production of two additional 2016 colors – Laguna Blue and Shark Gray – by the end of the 2016 model year. According to GM, the last opportunity to order these two colors will come in April.

We call this a bombshell as Chevrolet has already ended the production of two of Corvette’s ten exterior colors, Inferno Orange and Night Race Blue, and so having 40% of the exterior colors off the table is unprecedented.

With these two additional color build-outs in the works, it looks like Chevrolet will only be keeping six of ten colors for the 2017 model year.

Laguna Blue and Shark Gray to be Phased Out of 2016 Corvette Production

Never in our coverage over the last 10 years have we seen Chevrolet make this many color changes in a single year. We believe a lot of this has to do with the new $439 million paint shop at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant that is under construction now and is supposed to be be operational in the spring of 2017.

Laguna Blue was one of the original new C7 colors which first appeared on the 2014 Corvette Stingray. That color was chosen by 9% of buyers in 2014 (3,356) and 8.3% of Stingray and Z06 buyers in 2015 (3,015). The color was moderately popular with it finishing production at either 5th or 6th out of the 10 colors offered in the last two years.

Shark Gray came online in 2015 and replaced the popular Cyber Gray which was a carryover from C6 production. In 2015, Shark Gray was the 3rd most popular color behind Arctic White and Torch Red for 14.8% of production (5,130)

If you still want to order a 2016 Corvette Stingray or Z06 in either Shark Gray or Laguna Blue, here are your drop-dead dates:

  • G1B – Shark Gray – phases out in May. Last date to order is April 15
  • G7H – Laguna Blue – phases out at end of 2016 MY. Last date to order is April 28

So now more than ever are looking forward to the National Corvette Museum’s Bash at the end of April to get the scoop on what we hope will be four new Corvette colors for the 2017 model year.

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  1. What is Chevrolet/Corvette thinking? The C7 attacks buyers not only for superb engineering and design, but also for the varied and vibrant color palette that buyers had a choice of starting in 2014. But then, Lime Rock Green-gone! Cyber Gray-gone! Midnight night race blue-gone!now Shark grey and popular Laguna Blue as well? What will be left? Torch (resale) Red and Black? What good are multi million dollar paint shops without colors to choose from?

  2. I think it sucks. Ordered my Laguna blue in Nov. thankfully it will be in my garage before they cut the chrome wheels. I’m thinking if it doesn’t have the ugly black wheels & the 2 or 3 of the resale colors it will be gone. Save some bling for the old schoolers who waited all their lives to on a Vette.

  3. I think its reasonable to conclude that the folks on Mound Rd. Need a color advisor….we have a beautiful machine here that is not represented as it could be. Its like putting Jennifer Lopez in a tight grey dress……she catches your eye….but in a dramatic (tasteful) color….she stops you in your tracks! As they say “you dont get a second chance, at a first impression”. This holds true in my business as well (custom framing) and color choice can make or break a custom framing job. We can only hope that the designers can humble themselves and recruit a true color specialist.

  4. Shark Gray remains one of my favorite C7 colors, as is Laguna Blue. But eliminating colors after a 2-3 year run is a good Marketing ploy for both the consumer & Chevrolet. Moral of this story is don’t complain!

  5. B.K. you are right on the money. GM will take advantage of short color runs. And complaining never solved anything. I’m sure some more awesome colors are on the way!

  6. People at stop lights pull up to me and tell me how beautiful my Laguna blue corvette is . They love the color. I get comments on it every day! That’s ok ,
    My car will be in demand if I choose to sell it.

  7. I just ordered my 2016 shark grey Z06 black rims on April 14th 2016.1day before the color cut off excited that I got that color..I agree that a 2 year run on shark grey will benefit my resale value IF I ever decide to sell it….NOT!!!!!!

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