[VIDEO] Man Confronts Bad Corvette Driver and Instantly Regrets It


[VIDEO] Man Confronts Bad Corvette Driver and Instantly Regrets It

Well, here’s a humorous little video that definitely could give Corvette drivers and videographers a bad name, all at the same time.

A guy is going down the road, apparently filming everything he sees just in case he ever wants to put a video on YouTube when suddenly he has to pull over as an ambulance races past.

Before he and the rest of the traffic can merge back onto the road, however, a black C6 Corvette comes whizzing past them all, going across the double yellow line to do so.

Instead of just shaking it off, the video whiz follows the Corvette and confronts the driver, asking why he was such an #$*!.

Seeing as how the Corvette driver looks like Mr. Clean’s weight-lifting brother, our techno-kid soon backs off and says he was “just curious” if the ‘Vette driver was following the ambulance for an emergency and why he would do any such act which is “by any means, illegal,” he says.

Apparently not, though, since the two men both are stopped and the ambulance is nowhere in sight.

The Corvette driver apparently is ready to punch the guy’s lights out, but the wimpy camera dude says, “I’ve got a camera and it’s recording and I’ll send it to the police. I will, I absolutely will.”

Of course, once the Corvette guy is headed back to his car, the video dude turns tough and calls him a few select words, though you need to wait for the closing line when he winds up paying the Corvette driver a compliment about his car!


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  1. yep, the vette driver did a good thing. this sounds like you are defending him. way to keep the stereotype going.

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