[VIDEO] Whoops! Woman Asks Porsche 918 Spyder Owner What Year His Corvette Is


[VIDEO] Whoops! Woman Asks Porsche 918 Spyder Owner What Year His Corvette Is

When it comes to car spotting, some are better at it than others. For those that aren’t into cars all that much, sometimes the results can be hillarious.

But still, we feel bad (okay, not really) for this Corvette Porsche 918 Spyder owner who at least had the sense of decorum to recognize that correcting the lady when she popped the wrong question would just take too much explaining.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is an amazing car. Powered by a mid-engine 4.6L V8, the car makes 887 horsepower. As the car begins at $845,000, having it compared to anything domestic would probably make founder Ferdinand Porsche roll over in his grave.

While the 2018 mid engine Corvette Zora might look similar in design to the Porsche 918 Spyder, but it’s not 2018 yet and the Zora ZR1 rumors are just that.

So how did the 918 driver answer such an egregious question? “2015” was all he said as the hybrid Porsche pulled away.

I actually think that lady may be on to something and I’m inclined to start punking super car owners by asking them what year their Corvettes are just to see the reactions. Of course, it someone asks a Corvette owner what year their Mustang is, well, that’s a different story. Those are fighting words!


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