[VIDEO] Green Bay Woman has Priceless Reaction to Corvette Anniversary Present


[VIDEO] Green Bay Woman has Priceless Reaction to Corvette Anniversary Present

A few months back, we showed you a woman who had, shall we say, an underwhelming reaction to a new Stingray gifted her by her boyfriend.

Fast forward a few months, and we’ll show you a much different reaction from a Green Bay woman in the same circumstances.

Lori Galbraith and her husband Gary were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Since she had dreamed about owning a 2000 Millennium Yellow Corvette convertible for the past 15 years,

Gary figured he had the perfect gift idea for their special day.

He sneaked off to Cleveland to buy the car the day before their anniversary, then drove 10 hours back to Green Bay and hid the special Corvette in a storage unit to set up the big surprise.

With video camera rolling, Gary made up an excuse to get Lori to unlock the unit and roll up the door, revealing her beautiful Corvette inside.

Her reaction is priceless. She can’t seem to believe that the car is hers, despite repeated assurances from her husband, and at one point Gary kiddingly warns her not to have a heart attack.

We’re glad to see such a strong reaction to a Corvette, and we certainly wish Lori and Gary many miles of happy motoring behind the wheel of their convertible!


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