[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Owner Survives Crash with DUI Driver That Should Have Killed Him


[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Owner Survives Crash with DUI Driver That Should Have Killed Him

It seems lately we’ve been writing a lot of stories about Corvette drivers being killed in their cars.

Today, we have a story with a much happier ending.

The Winnipeg Sun relates the tale of a driver of a 1996 Corvette who is lucky to be alive after being clipped by a 48-year-old drunk driver.

Eric Bueckert was on the way to see his girlfriend on Halloween afternoon when he noticed a fast-approaching car in his rearview mirror. The Pontiac Grand Am passed him but when he pulled back in, he hit the front fender of the Corvette, sending it careening off the road, into a field where it rolled an unknown number of times and winding up on its roof.

The Grand Am driver fled the scene.

Miraculously, Bueckert was able to take off his seatbelt and climb out the back of the car.

The impact was so hard it caused the Corvette’s battery to fly from the engine compartment onto the highway, cutting off power to the airbags before they could deploy. Bueckert wound up looking like something you might see on Halloween night, with a punctured lung, broken nose, and multiple bruises.

Still, he’s just glad to be alive, as witnessed by his Facebook post on Nov. 2:

“Looking at these pictures, there is no way I should have walked away from this. It is only thanks to God that I came away with no major injuries, and thanks to Shiyrah Friesen for getting me to wear my seatbelt. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who called, texted, came to see me, and prayed for me, as well as to the people who stopped to help me, the paramedics and firefighters who were there, the doctors and nurses, and to the police who caught those responsible for this. I am truly grateful, and lucky to be alive and now recovering at home.”

Bueckert also has a stern message for those who would drink and drive, as did the 48-year-old man who has been arrested and charged in the accident with impaired operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm, impaired operation over .08 causing bodily harm, and dangerous operation of a vehicle.

“There is no need (to drink and drive),” Bueckert said. “Most of the time when you hear about it, it’s not the ones who were drinking and driving who got hurt, it’s someone else that they hit.

“It’s not only the injury and the car, in my case it’s going to physio, having to deal with MPI, it’s not a lot of fun and it’s not necessary at all.”

[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Owner Survives Crash with DUI Driver That Should Have Killed Him

Bueckert had bought the Corvette from his father a few years ago, calling it “a fun car and I liked taking it out to cruise nights in Winnipeg, but it’s just a car and it could have been a whole lot worse than that,” he said.

We’re just glad Bueckert survived the crash and maybe his message will help prevent another such accident from happening.


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