[ACCIDENT] Driver Killed When Corvette Goes Airborne in Crash


[ACCIDENT] Driver Killed When Corvette Goes Airborne in Crash

The solitude of a modest neighborhood in South Richmond, Va., was disrupted Saturday morning by the sounds of a fatal crash involving a C6 Corvette coupe.

It was a sight that won’t leave the memory of one witness anytime soon.

The Corvette “hit the curb and went airborne to my right and through three neighbors’ yards,” Harry West said. “The way that car was spinning in the air, and debris was coming from the car. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

West told reporter Sandra Jones that the Corvette driver sped through an intersection in the 4000 block of Crutchfield Street about 9 a.m., struck a curb and then the car went airborne, taking out several bushes before flipping and winding up on a neighbor’s front lawn.

“I ran to the car; other neighbors had ran to the car, too,” West said. “The young man was trying to crawl from under the car. We tilted the car and got from under it — and he was asking for his friend.”

West said they found the driver under some bushes nearby. Both occupants were transported to Chippenham Hospital, where the driver died from his injuries. Neither man’s name has been released by authorities.

Residents said speeding has been a frequent problem in the neighborhood near George Wythe High School, where the speed limit is 25 mph. Witnesses said they saw the Corvette drive through several lawns before flipping.

Jacqueline Brown, the homeowner where the Corvette landed, said she is just glad her house wasn’t hit and that no pedestrians were hurt.

“One of the things that we would like is for them to put speed bumps on the street,” Brown said, “so that there would be less traffic, so that people don’t have the idea of speeding right through this area.”


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