[ACCIDENT] Car Salesman Crashes a $95,830 Corvette Z06 Inside Dealership


[ACCIDENT] Car Salesman Crashes a $95,830 Corvette Z06 inside Dealership
Photo Credit: Jalopnik

It still amazes us every time you hear about someone working in the profession of selling cars who do not know how to drive a manual transmission. Not only that, but when an accident like the one we are about to share happens, the inevitable excuse of confusing the brake and clutch pedals is laughable.

Our friends at Jalopnik are reporting that a Corvette Z06 with an sticker price of $95,830 was launched into the front windows of the North Carolina dealership by a salesperson.

The Corvette Z06, leaving a set of burnout marks on the floor, smashed into the front windows of the dealership which sent glass all over the front of the Z06 and killed a poor potted ficus tree in the process. The impact of the car also pushed out part of the bottom wall which doesn’t portend well for the lower front of the Corvette where you’ll usually find a $3,000 carbon fiber splitter.

Making matters worse is the fact that the car was custom ordered for a customer. Let’s hope he was not on-hand to witness the abuse of his new car. And speaking of this being a customer’s car, if it was you, would you take delivery of a fixed Corvette Z06 that had been launched into a window and wall? I don’t know many who would.

The crash is being blamed on the salesperson reportedly confusing the clutch and brake pedals. The last time I checked, the clutch was on the left and it has a much different feeling when being applied as that pesky brake pedal in the middle. This almost feels like the remote starter fail parody we ran recently.

It’s kind of crazy in this day and age that there are salespeople who are paid to know every fine detail about a Corvette Z06, yet have no idea what it’s like to drive one. We’re betting this salesperson is wishing his customer would have ordered the Corvette Z06 with the 8-speed auto instead.

[ACCIDENT] Car Salesman Crashes a $95,830 Corvette Z06 inside Dealership


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  1. Crappy article. Paid to know every fine detail? B.S. most Chevy dealers hate dealing with corvettes and the pain in the ass owners. I doubt anyone even knew how to open the trunk. And if it was in motion at “launch” the poor driver had a fraction of a second to slam a foot down in whatever he could hit. The pedals ate close together. There was no time for the guy to actually contemplate what pedal to push. And it’s just a damn car. The dealership has insurance with a deductible, techs crash and damage cars all the time. I bet they didn’t even mkss lunch. All they do is order another or offer up the crashed one for a steep discount. Total B.S. article.

  2. Funny, I actually work at the dealership that this happened at. What happened actually was that the person who was in the car before him left it in third gear and when he went to rev it up for the said customer to hear, that is when it went through the window. The man still bought the Corvette. All the damages were fixed and 10k was knocked off of the price.

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