[VIDEO] Watch the Entire Bloomington GoldTour Leave the Indianapolis Motor Speedway


[VIDEO] Watch the Entire Bloomington GoldTour Leave the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The GoldTour has been one of the marquee events of Bloomington Gold for many years now. Each Saturday night of the Bloomington Weekend thousands of Corvettes gather for a Corvette parade through the countryside surrounding the show’s location. Due to logistics, though, it’s rarely been able to stage and leave from the actual show location – until this year.

The spacious infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway provided the perfect medium for staging and departure for the 2015 GoldTour. Corvettes staged throughout the facility during the late afternoon and early evening. As the departure time neared the cars were organized and completed a lap around the historic IMS track before heading out Gate 2 and off onto the scenic Indiana backroads.

The GoldTour route itself was roughly 30 miles in length and contained the now famous “switchback” about half way through where the cars would loop back around in the opposite direction and subsequently pass all of the cars going the other way. Thus making for one long extended Corvette wave.

The GoldTour holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tour of any single automotive marque at 2,233 Corvettes. They didn’t break the record this year but, according to their Facebook page, Bloomington Gold states that 1,281 Corvettes participated in the inaugural Indiana version of the GoldTour.

If you’ve got about 40 minutes to spare and didn’t get to see the GoldTour take off, then we’ve got great news for you. We captured the entire group making the turn out in to Gate 2 to begin their trek. In the background you can see show owner, Guy Larson, personally waving to the participants as they drove by.

With the new Thursday to Saturday show schedule, the GoldTour was the perfect end to the inaugural show at the IMS. The weather even finally broke allowing for the sunshine to ride shotgun.

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